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Welcome to Exceptional Health Care

Our Health Care delivery system is in need of new ideas. EHC's answer is to offer an innovative new option for Primary Care delivery in Lane County and Oregon. As Primary Care has become more difficult for many of us to access, the time has come for a choice that allows you to see your Doctor without high out-of-pocket expenses. Many Primary Care Doctors no longer have the time to spend with us that we deserve and have come to expect. We believe there is a better, indeed Exceptional, way.

We have two great plans to fit your needs:

If you have Insurance with Copays for Primary Care,
see our Value Added Plan page.

If you don’t have Insurance or your Health Plan doesn’t have
for Primary Care, see our Membership Plan page.

Our goal is to provide you with The Care You Deserve from your Primary Care physician.

Join today or call us to find out more! 541.746.7073

What's New:

Dr. B is Retiring! His last day at the practice is March 27th.

Please welcome Dr. Randy Reese!

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